Önskar jag bara kunde släppa hela grejen, men vem kan? Mon petit copain.

I’d want a boyfriend with an ugly eighties haircut

Glorious smile and tender eyes

A touch that’d make me shred, even with his rough hands

He’d wear vintage, basic and loose fit

Bad sense of humor and exquisite taste in music are things we’d have in common

He’d - as in old classics - make me feel like a woman

He’d be warm and let me in, into his mysterious mind

He’d never fake anything, always be himself

To feel better, he’d only have to look at me

To make him feel better, I’d bake him cakes

We’d love to spend whole days just laying around, tanning, laughing, sleeping

I’d tell him everything, the whole truth

He’d know to keep his mouth shut in the morning and we’d both enjoy silence

If we’d ever argue or have misunderstandings, we’d have a special song, that we’d promise mustn’t be abused, and we would play it to each other as a reminder of us or as a way to say “I’m sorry”, we’d also use the song if we needed the other one’s help with something, ou pour indiqué l’importance de quelque chose

Nous parlerions français de temps on temps

We’d create our own little world

We’d escape with nothing in our pockets but love

Jag har också underbara tankar

Dela med dig av dina egna underbara tankar!

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